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Partnering with a major celebrity can transform your business.

Stardust first carefully researches which celebrities can influence your target customers. We then facilitate a long term celebrity engagement partnership.


It’s not just about getting capital. The right investors will add value and leverage their business connections and experience to help your business grow. Stardust works with you to structure your capital raise, create your investor data room and perfect your pitch. We then connect you with the right investors for your sector and growth stage.


Stardust works with you to carefully identify the best strategic partners for your company. We then help you structure a compelling pitch that is likely to get a “yes”.  Finally, we leverage our extensive rolodex and connections to get you in front of the right decision makers at the companies you want to partner with.


Stardust works with you to create a list of customers most likely to benefit from your product or service. We then use our rolodex and connections to get you in front of them.


Influencers? Celebrities? Google Ads? Social Ads?  Stardust will help you do it right.


We only work with companies when we love their products or services. The Stardust team is constantly brainstorming to find new ideas, new features and new approaches to make your product or service even better. We have already come up with game-changing ideas for several of our portfolio companies.


Strategy is the collection of things your business does differently that ultimately separates it from competitors and gives it a unique competitive advantage. Stardust knows business strategy and will help you get there.

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