Why Stardust

Consumer Startups and Celebrity Endorsements have Become Synonymous
But you can expect to struggle with execution of celebrity and influencer relationships.

Celebrity Selection

Choosing the best Celebrity for your target market can be challenging.

Creating a Connection

Celebrities are hard to find. They won’t answer your calls.

Negotiations Last Forever

Negotiations can last forever and rack up legal bills.

Time is Money

Campaign planning, timing and execution makes a huge difference.

Alignment of Interests

Expectations and deliverables are difficult to set.

Performance Monitoring is Key

Monitoring and measuring results is a challenge. Real-time, data driven, course adjustments are critical.

Historical Engagements
If your investor deck has a celebrity and influencer marketing strategy as core components, the Stardust Program is for you.
Stardust knows how to activate celebrities.  Our team has worked with hundreds of them over the years.
But signing a celebrity is just phase one. Coming up with a strategy to maximize the returns on activating them is key. This is where we really shine.
Some examples of celebrities who have engaged with our companies as investors, ambassadors or other roles include:
"Every consumer startup has a celebrity endorsement component in their business plan. Very few of them can actually execute on it, but the ones that do tend to outperform the market dramatically."
- Gil Eyal, Founder
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