The Program


1. Generate product credibility & visibility by executing a powerful celebrity and influencer driven campaign.

2. Activate the best celebrity and influencer partner(s) for your company to turbo-charge growth.


1. The Stardust program is a 12 month program with an optional extension for an additional 12 months. The Stardust team is there for you as long as you need us and we can add value.

2. 48 hour termination notice for both sides. Upon termination, all fees up to date of termination shall be due.

Program Benefits:

When accepted into the Stardust program, you will receive:

  • Weekly meetings with Gil Eyal and your assigned partner to prepare your celebrity and influencer strategy for the first 3 months. Then bi-weekly meetings.
  • Step by step guidance and assistance through the entire celebrity influencer process including:
    • Company preparation.
    • Strategy formulation.
    • Celebrity identification.
    • Celebrity contact.
    • Deal terms specification.
    • Negotiations & deal making.
    • Celebrity activation.
    • Tracking of execution of deals.
    • Monitoring and results measurement.
  • Introduction to relevant celebrities and major influencers in the Stardust ecosystem.
  • Development and activation of micro-influencer strategy.
  • Access to our investor, talent and business network.
  • Up to $250K investment in your next round via direct investment or a Stardust SPV. This is at Stardust’s discretion.
Program Costs:
  • $120K worth of stock options or warrants, vested linearly over 12 months. Company may elect to pay cash instead.
  • 8% of any compensation granted to a celebrity or influencer (above $5K value) introduced and/or activated via the Stardust program.
  • Fees paid to celebrities and/or influencers are paid directly by the company. Stardust will help you negotiate a good deal.
  • Stardust is granted an option to invest up to $250K in your next round at MFN terms. This lets you show investors that you already have $250K soft committed.
  • If you conduct a network launch using distributed ledger technology (i.e. a blockchain initial coin offering, token event, etc.), then Stardust will receive 6% of the tokens reserved for the founders and the company at launch.
  • Stardust has the right to display your logo, brand and product in a favorable light in our marketing materials.
Celebrity Selection

Picking the right celebrities and influencers is a science and is crucial for consumer startups.


Building a marketing strategy around influencers is difficult and an absolute necessity

Celebrity Access

Celebrities and major influencers are picky and won’t even respond to unknown startups.


Activating hundreds of micro-influencers and major celebrities can be excruciating and time consuming.

Deal Making

Striking the right deals and protecting the startup is crucial and extremely challenging.

A Game Changer

It is almost impossible to stand out in the consumer space without the right celebrity endorsement

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