The Program


  • Increase company credibility, visibility and business operations by:

    • consistently optimizing company presentations and financial docs;

    • introducing venture capital and investor connections;

    • engaging potential customers and businesss partners; and

    • executing a powerful celebrity and influencer driven campaign.

  • 12 month program with an optional extension for an additional 12 months. 

As of June 2023, we no longer invest directly into companies that have not been part of the program, and we do not lead rounds.

Program Benefits:

When accepted into the Stardust program, you will receive:

  • Bi-Weekly meetings with our team to help ensure you are prepared to meet your goals. Meetings focus on:
    • Financial planning and documentation;
    • Customer Pipeline Generation;
    • Marketing Strategy;
    • Business development;
    • Product Strategy;
    • celebrity and influencer strategy.
  • Step by step guidance and assistance in achieving your companuy’s busines goals, including:
    • Company preparation.
    • Marketing Strategy formulation.
    • Potential Investor, Customer and Celebrity identification.
    • Investor, Customer and Celebrity outreach.
    • Deal terms specification.
    • Negotiations & deal making.

Program Costs:
  • Depending on the requirements there is a custom cost associated with the program. We are often open to accepting stock in lieu of cash.
  • We do not take any fees for introducing investors.
  • 5% of any revenue generated from introduced customers for the first 24 months of the relationships.
  • A bonus of 8% of any compensation granted to a celebrity introduced and/or activated via the Stardust program on deals of above $100K.
  • Fees paid to celebrities and/or influencers are paid directly by the company. Stardust will help you negotiate a good deal.
  • Stardust is granted an option to invest up to $250K in your next round at MFN terms.
  • Stardust has the right to display your logo, brand and product in a favorable light in our marketing materials.

The program will be customized to your specific needs as detailed in your specific engagement agreement.

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