Case Studies

How we helped Bubble Beauty reach its teenage demographic and launch in 4,000 Walmart stores.

Activate Ten Major Stars and 400 Micro Influencers

Targeting a teen audience with a high-end skincare product in a crowded market requires creating visibility, but also credibility. Teens need to believe they will fare better with this product, in a space that is filled with skepticism.

Enormous purchase order from Walmart

With tremendous audience visibility (27% of surveyed teens recognized the brand by name), Bubble Beauty was 2021’s #1 launch for the world’s biggest retailer.

Launching a Delicious and Healthy Noodle with Star Power

A Healthy, Delicious Mac

Mac’n’cheese is the most popular dinner request for kids in North America. But most competitors sell a chemical lab in a box. How do you make it both delicious and healthy?

A Collaboration with Gal Gadot

We wanted a mom who appeals to every person on the planet. Someone who is clearly healthy but also down to earth. The collaboration with Gal was a no brainer.
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